26 November 2011

winter is here

It's bloody freeeeezing here. Full on wind rain hail the lot. Just lovely when i need to walk to and from work. So my work is having a regional party held in liverpool soon and if you go in fancy dress you get estre free drinks vouchers. As if i needed an incentive! I think i might go as a Christmas tree decoration or a snow flake lots of tinsel and sparkle, so i'm gonna get practicing on my makeup in the next few days.

I found this photo online and i love the sparkling snow flakes
Here's a couple of photos of makeup looks i did a while back that had an ice queen, mermaid sort of vibe. i'll draw on these cool icy tones for my christmas/ snowflake look i think.

Anyway have a great weekend ladies. I'm so not looking forward to getting blown to pieces when i step out of my door today :(

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