15 December 2011

christmas eyes

So I've finally succumbed to all this festivity and put the decorations up.
It feels good to have the flat all sorted and clean and the tinsel out again :) So here's our lovely little tree..
Theres a silver and purple theme for our decorations and it inspired me to do a sparkly eye makeup look using green silver and purple.
I started with silver on my brow bone then added in the green and purple.

After I've filled in my brows and added eyeliner and mascara
I actually used a purple felt pen liner by collection 2000 which goes on so smoothly i love it, unfortunately the colour hasn't showed up that well in these photos though.
I used my collection 2000 pallete 

I love the packaging of these palettes and they are amazing value for money only £4.99 and it was 3 for 2 at boots so super savings!
Anyway what do you think?

13 December 2011

house wife for a week

So I have a full mon to friday with no work! Unheard of. All the time i had off work this year was all wedding related so it's so nice to have some time off to get our flat looking nice for christmas! Me and my hubby are both such messy people so there really is a lot to do...I have a double sided A5 list! I spent about 6 straight hours cleaning yesterday the majority of that went on sorting out our dvd collection which is massive, about 400 dvds. Here's a photo of the ones I had to sort out on the bed. 
It doesn't even look like that much but believe me it was, none of them were in the right boxes!

Then I finally found a lovely display area for our wedding candles which we lit during the ceremony and our ceremony table flowers which I've added my boquet to. I'm so glad we went down the artificial route. Not only because of my hayfever but we will always have these lovely flowers to keep now :)

Anyway I'll crack on with some makeup related posts later but I'm trying to have a makeup free day. My skin is soooo dry with the horrible weather at the moment so I'm just trying to moisturise lots today. It's my number one tip for young looking skin!I use No7 essential moisture day and night and on really rough areas I use Botanics organic face super balm. It really is super, just apply over night on dry patches, usually around my nose and forehead and it works miracles!

What skin care products get you through the harsh cold months?

11 December 2011

smart look

Just for fun here's a photo of me just before my first proper shift at my new work today :)
Yes I get to be all smart and wear a tie so it's time to raid the hubbys wardrobe and get a nice selection of ties ready for over christmas time when I'm working loooads of hours. But hey ho the tips are really good so I don't mind. Come the new year we are going to start looking at some holiday ideas. I miss the sun!

under eye circles

My friend suffers from dark circles and under eye bags so she let me loose trying to have a go at making her over. Just a natural look but with enough coverage. Heres her before photo with no make up on.

And heres a few after photos...

I used estee lauder double wear foundation, cant remember what colour now as I only have it in a tester pot from my local counter.
Under eyes and on any imprefections i used 17 hide and chic concealer (which i love iv now bought the foundation)
The rest of the face i kept fairly simple making sure i filled in her sparse eye brows i really love a thick brow shape, unfortunately i dont naturally have one myself either.

Anyway how do you think i did?
What do you use for under eye circles, any tips?

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I've just been starting my new job but i have a load of post ideas waiting so keep checking back girlies :)

6 December 2011

get your christmas hat out!

I've not been feeling that festive as of yet. Although I have done a bit of christmas shopping. I hate putting up decorations too early as I feel we dedicate so much of our lives to this materialistic holiday when really it shouldn't be about spending lots if money, it should be about appreciating what you have and spending time with loved ones.

I do love this time of the year and I quite like the cold too, just not the wind hail and rain we have been getting lately. But I rememer a couple of years ago when we spent 6 weeks in Australia over christmas and it felt so odd sunbathing on christmas day. I love nothing more than wrapping up in a scarf hat and gloves and waking up to a white christmas, I can't wait to take some lovely snowey photos this christmas time so here's hoping! :)
So last night to get in the festive mood I decided to do a Christmas frosty inspired makeup look

This was a pretty simple look. I used a simple white eyeliner and drew a bold sweeping shape around my eyes then blended it out. I then used a barry m dazzle dust powder in a pinky gold shimmer colour (I'm obsessed with barry m, it's AMAZING!) I used a fine tipped black liquid eyeliner by prestige and my usual black mascara then added gems and used my white eyeliner for my lovely snow flake.For my lips I used my creamy avon lipstick in romantic red. Oh and I used a natural collection tinted moisturiser and a light dusting of powder for a 'glowy' look. And coloured in my terrible fine eyebrows which I hate!

What do you think?
Are you in the festive mood? All organised for Christmas?

5 December 2011

illuminated eyes

So heres another quick look using my estee lauder illuminating powder gelee using a wet eyeliner brush on my eyes...

Iv used my estee lauder powder and blended in some max factor smokey effect eyeshaddow in indigo mist.. using only the dar purple end

And i used my lipstick palette for my lips..more to come on that :)

New job

So I quit my old job and I've got a new one starting this week. Its only another waiting on job but different from where I've been working. Truth is I need change and new challenges if I'm going to be working in a job where I don't really have much passion for. I'm a chatty person and more importantly when working with the public I can be very patient. But just because I can be good at that kind of job doesn't mean it's what i enjoy.

So onto other better news I sorted out my place at college earlier in the week!

Film theatre and special effects makeup application.
It sounds so good. It covers Day make-up, Evening make-up for TV/Film, Corrective make-up techniques, Scars, cuts, bruises, burns, Theatre and Media old age, High definition make-up.

So the weather has got so cold and windy here, but it is December so got to be expected. Here's a photo of me all wrapped up with my scarf on.
I used my ultimate favourite multi use product on my face and eyes. Its Estee Lauder illuminating powder gelee which i wore on my wedding day. Its amazing losely dusted over cheekbones and when you wet the product it creates amazing pigmented sweeps of colour which is best applied to the eyes.

Problem is it was limited edition in the summer and cost £28 but it's lasting really well i just hope next summer somethign equally brilliant comes out. I really love Estee lauder their double wear lipstick is amazing which I'm also wearing in the photo. In shade, stay mauve.
This really does last well. I was in town for about 5 hours shopping and had lunch and a hot chocolate and when i returned home the colour was still there, so even though it costs about 3x as much as some cheaper products it goes to show it can be well worth the money. I also love the smell of this lipstick which is unusual. 
What's your favourite long wear lipstick?

So later on I am going to try and do a post about a new lip palette I just recieved in the post, it was a cheap one off ebay all the way from hong kong but i want to see whwther it was at least worth the £4 i paid for it. It will be a super bargain if it is!