30 November 2011

Feel like hibernating

This cold wet weather really makes me want to hibernate. I hate it when I become really demotivated and get nothing done on my days off like today. I really need to start eating healthily instead of living off pastries and junk because it's giving me no energy! And I'm sure it will all catch up on me in a few years and I'll either have diabetes or heart problems or something. I think the way the world is at the moment we're all living for the here and now and not thinking of the consequences of our actions on the future...

Anyway so my plan for the week is....
  • Buy some fruit and veg and plan some healthy meals
  • Get looking out and applying for new jobs
  • Get the bedroom organised, believe me it's a big task me and my hubby are both messy people. How I wish I had OCD sometimes, at least I'd know where things are!
 Today I've been looking through our wedding photos which has cheered me up somewhat. Here's one of my favourite photos from the day.
But one of my favourite moments of the night was when it was all over and me and Chris retired to the bedroom, we opened all our presents and drank champagne on the balcony looking out across the lake :)

Hope we can create some more magical memories this Christmas...

29 November 2011

stencil eyes

Incase its not obvious from my previous posts I really love artistic makeup. Hence why I'm looking into doing a theatre and special effects makeup course. I'm going into my local college tomorrow to enquire to get a bit more info about it and hopefully I'll be able to enrole soon. Here's a couple of photos i took of my favourite stencil eye look.

My lipstick is barry M Sunset 151
I'm in love with it. I've been searching for something along the lines of a coral lipstick for a while but all the ones I found were too glossy without the pigmentation or too much sparkle or too red. But this is perfect to brighten up these long winter days!

For my eyes I used a white base for my entire lid my favourite is an unbelievable bargain at £1 yes just one pound from superdrug brand MUA this one has some shimmer but gives great cover.
I then used a foil overlay I had in my art supplies cut to fit my eye and used a really good black eyeshaddow. Mine is from my collection 2000 pallette. I added my favourite cat eye flick using Prestige black eye liner on top and bottom lashline. To add some colour i used a wet brush and Barry M fushia on the top and orange on the lower lash line. To finish i added Maybeline collossal cat eyes mascara
I actually picked up this mascara on a food shopping trip in asda when it was on sale. For the price i find this mascara great. I'm really fussy with mascara brushes and was wary of this one when i opened it but i've got used to using it and think it works great. I might do a post soon comparing different mascaras with before and after photos. I have so many different mascaras i use for different looks. Estee Lauder double wear is my fail safe mascara but it's so expensive compared to this one.

I'd love to hear what your favourite mascaras are.
More posting to come tomorrow!

28 November 2011

make up experiments...

2 Posts in a day... well heres something a bit different. The other night i had a makeup night with my cousin. She knows how she likes her makeup...tanned. Shes a self confessed tanorexic but i wanted to do a natural look which could show she is beautiful with or without layers of bronzer. Heres a photo of her usual look..
And here's her makeup after i had an experiment...

I don't think i've convinced her to bin the bronzer or fake tan but i do think she looks so beautiful with this different makeup style.
Later on in the night i had fun with another more adventurous look and here are the results..

What do you think?
After trying this out on my cousin i think i might wear this look myself over the festive period... if theres aver an excuse for a bit of sparkle its christmas :)

lip tattoo

I finally got around to trying out a temporary lip tattoo on saturday night and heres the results..
I'm not going to lie it wasn't the easiest thing to apply and i found the feeling really strange when it was on i'm so used to wearing lipgloss or glossy lipsticks but it did last quite well at least 6 hours before i had to just put a pink lipstick over the top to cover up the patchyness. I'll definitely try one again though. 
Oh and heres my outfit for the night..


26 November 2011

winter is here

It's bloody freeeeezing here. Full on wind rain hail the lot. Just lovely when i need to walk to and from work. So my work is having a regional party held in liverpool soon and if you go in fancy dress you get estre free drinks vouchers. As if i needed an incentive! I think i might go as a Christmas tree decoration or a snow flake lots of tinsel and sparkle, so i'm gonna get practicing on my makeup in the next few days.

I found this photo online and i love the sparkling snow flakes
Here's a couple of photos of makeup looks i did a while back that had an ice queen, mermaid sort of vibe. i'll draw on these cool icy tones for my christmas/ snowflake look i think.

Anyway have a great weekend ladies. I'm so not looking forward to getting blown to pieces when i step out of my door today :(

24 November 2011

Contacts and new hair

Here's my new hair and contacts :)
For my hair i highlighted using a cap, which took forever on my own and then used crazy colour in hot purple for some hair sections (mainly underneath) and la riche in flamingo pink for the top highlights. Here a couple of photos of the products.

The pink was great i was really impressed with it but i think i need to highlight a bit lighter to get the purple to show up as its quite a dark purple colour. 

 On to the contacts.....
Heres my lovely one in one out photo and as you can see there is a HUGE difference in the eye colour. Almost a cartoon look. I was actually looking for something more natural as i already have blue tones in my eyes i just wanted to as clearer brighter tones. Which is why i picked these.

Mystic blue contact lenses by funky eyes
£9.99 from bodyjewelleryshop.com
(a site a highly reccommend for body jewelley, false lashes, uv makeup and contacts, they deliver free and super fast!)

Anyway getting the contacts in was tricky. It seemed much harder than getting my EDIT lenses in and as i'm new to contacts i kept getting confused and convincing myself the lenses were inside out. Anyway i eventually got them in and after a few minutes of putting up with slightly blurred vision and feeling like i had stones in my eyes they sorted themselves out and became ok to wear. I've found with my EDIT lenses they have become easier and easier to put in everytime so hopefully this is the case with these lenses as i'm considering wearing them on saturday.

 So On the up side these contacts give amazing dramatic colour change and i suppose this is better than the colour being too subtle.

On the downsize they aren't the most natural colour from close up especially.
All in all though i will give them a 7/10.

for the rest of today i'm off to work and then meeting my cousin who is having a bit of a hair nightmare and has also agreed to let me do a couple of makeup looks on her.

Enjoy your day whatever you do!

23 November 2011

turquoise dreams

Since my lovely husband bought me this gorgeous bra as a random gift i've been in love with this colour so i decided on a turquoise eye look to cheer me up after a hard days work before i went to see my friends.

Nothing too special. I used my gorgeous barry m dazzle dust in number 83.

Been buying lots on ebay lately, not that thats anything new really. Got a couple of christmas presents in, trying my best to be organised for once. But i've also got a lip transfer which i'm dying to try out. Mine is a pink leopard print one i'm hoping it will turn out something like this

I've also got some blue contacts. I have blueish eyes anyway but really want something that will make my eyes 'pop' I tried them in tonight but i think they are possibly a little too bright, i dont know maybe i'm just not used to them, they certainly are eye catching!

Anyway pictures to follow!!

18 November 2011

Get that friday feeling

Had a very uneventful day today in the sense that on my day off i literally did nothing but relax. Which is really what i needed. Yesterday i got a million cleaning jobs done and although i planned to get more done today i was so tired this morning from a late night after watching Twilight (which was amazing)that i decided to have a chill out day watching factory girl which inspired me to do a 60's theme make up look.

And yes whats a makeup shoot without a fun wig?
Oh and i used cinema scope and the 1960's editing effects on picnik which ima addicted to.

So thats all for today. I'll try and get on at the weekend but we are a member of staff down so i'v been called in to do horrifically long hours saturday and sunday...joy! :(

17 November 2011

twilight night

Going to the 12 O'clock showing of  breaking dawn tonight and i'm so excited!

Yes I'm a 23 year old married woman but does that mean i cant still have a good perve over Edward Cullen? Haha

So anyway lets get to it heres my make up look pour ce soir

 Im wearing my lovely new avon lipstick in 'red kiss' which i adore even more so as it was given to me as a gift by a friend but iv also found to be one of the best i own.

As for my smokey eyes iv used a combination of brown and blacks from my collection 2000 palette which was a bargain as about £5 and on 342 with all the otehr make up at supedrug. Got to love a bargain!

And to finish off my vampy look I've decided on red nails with a bit of sparkle. Excuse my stubby nails but i work in a coffee shop so cant have long nails or even wear clean varnish most days. Which is probably why i got make up OTT when ever i can!

So thats all for todays update. I'm still getting used to this blogging stuff, but i have a day off tomorrow so in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger I'll be back!

16 November 2011

Here we go

So here's the start of something big i hope, aka moving away from the monotonous day job i hate so much and edging that little big closer to something i love and dream of...the art of make up.

Basically I'm a somewhat flaky twenty something. I did well at school, great at college then went to uni (this is where my indecisive nature took over) i dropped out of uni, worked for a couple of years, then went back to college and did a year of art and design, decided not to further it and earn some money working full time instead and here i am now. Working horrendous long hours for little enjoyment when my real passion is make up, fashion and design. So i thought, while i look at my next move.....photography and media makeup, special effects or theatre makeup or beauty??? What better place to start than with a blog documenting my creative looks and ideas!

So here we go with a couple of photos from the halloween just gone (i love halloween!) I had plenty of fun being extra creative with these looks.

So thats it for today while i go figure out more about this blogging malarky, yes i'm not the most technological person...

Ciao! :D