16 November 2011

Here we go

So here's the start of something big i hope, aka moving away from the monotonous day job i hate so much and edging that little big closer to something i love and dream of...the art of make up.

Basically I'm a somewhat flaky twenty something. I did well at school, great at college then went to uni (this is where my indecisive nature took over) i dropped out of uni, worked for a couple of years, then went back to college and did a year of art and design, decided not to further it and earn some money working full time instead and here i am now. Working horrendous long hours for little enjoyment when my real passion is make up, fashion and design. So i thought, while i look at my next move.....photography and media makeup, special effects or theatre makeup or beauty??? What better place to start than with a blog documenting my creative looks and ideas!

So here we go with a couple of photos from the halloween just gone (i love halloween!) I had plenty of fun being extra creative with these looks.

So thats it for today while i go figure out more about this blogging malarky, yes i'm not the most technological person...

Ciao! :D

1 comment:

  1. Love the makeup!!! Every single look is unique and gorgeous :)) great blog btw, love the format :))