28 November 2011

make up experiments...

2 Posts in a day... well heres something a bit different. The other night i had a makeup night with my cousin. She knows how she likes her makeup...tanned. Shes a self confessed tanorexic but i wanted to do a natural look which could show she is beautiful with or without layers of bronzer. Heres a photo of her usual look..
And here's her makeup after i had an experiment...

I don't think i've convinced her to bin the bronzer or fake tan but i do think she looks so beautiful with this different makeup style.
Later on in the night i had fun with another more adventurous look and here are the results..

What do you think?
After trying this out on my cousin i think i might wear this look myself over the festive period... if theres aver an excuse for a bit of sparkle its christmas :)

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