29 November 2011

stencil eyes

Incase its not obvious from my previous posts I really love artistic makeup. Hence why I'm looking into doing a theatre and special effects makeup course. I'm going into my local college tomorrow to enquire to get a bit more info about it and hopefully I'll be able to enrole soon. Here's a couple of photos i took of my favourite stencil eye look.

My lipstick is barry M Sunset 151
I'm in love with it. I've been searching for something along the lines of a coral lipstick for a while but all the ones I found were too glossy without the pigmentation or too much sparkle or too red. But this is perfect to brighten up these long winter days!

For my eyes I used a white base for my entire lid my favourite is an unbelievable bargain at £1 yes just one pound from superdrug brand MUA this one has some shimmer but gives great cover.
I then used a foil overlay I had in my art supplies cut to fit my eye and used a really good black eyeshaddow. Mine is from my collection 2000 pallette. I added my favourite cat eye flick using Prestige black eye liner on top and bottom lashline. To add some colour i used a wet brush and Barry M fushia on the top and orange on the lower lash line. To finish i added Maybeline collossal cat eyes mascara
I actually picked up this mascara on a food shopping trip in asda when it was on sale. For the price i find this mascara great. I'm really fussy with mascara brushes and was wary of this one when i opened it but i've got used to using it and think it works great. I might do a post soon comparing different mascaras with before and after photos. I have so many different mascaras i use for different looks. Estee Lauder double wear is my fail safe mascara but it's so expensive compared to this one.

I'd love to hear what your favourite mascaras are.
More posting to come tomorrow!