23 November 2011

turquoise dreams

Since my lovely husband bought me this gorgeous bra as a random gift i've been in love with this colour so i decided on a turquoise eye look to cheer me up after a hard days work before i went to see my friends.

Nothing too special. I used my gorgeous barry m dazzle dust in number 83.

Been buying lots on ebay lately, not that thats anything new really. Got a couple of christmas presents in, trying my best to be organised for once. But i've also got a lip transfer which i'm dying to try out. Mine is a pink leopard print one i'm hoping it will turn out something like this

I've also got some blue contacts. I have blueish eyes anyway but really want something that will make my eyes 'pop' I tried them in tonight but i think they are possibly a little too bright, i dont know maybe i'm just not used to them, they certainly are eye catching!

Anyway pictures to follow!!

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