24 November 2011

Contacts and new hair

Here's my new hair and contacts :)
For my hair i highlighted using a cap, which took forever on my own and then used crazy colour in hot purple for some hair sections (mainly underneath) and la riche in flamingo pink for the top highlights. Here a couple of photos of the products.

The pink was great i was really impressed with it but i think i need to highlight a bit lighter to get the purple to show up as its quite a dark purple colour. 

 On to the contacts.....
Heres my lovely one in one out photo and as you can see there is a HUGE difference in the eye colour. Almost a cartoon look. I was actually looking for something more natural as i already have blue tones in my eyes i just wanted to as clearer brighter tones. Which is why i picked these.

Mystic blue contact lenses by funky eyes
£9.99 from bodyjewelleryshop.com
(a site a highly reccommend for body jewelley, false lashes, uv makeup and contacts, they deliver free and super fast!)

Anyway getting the contacts in was tricky. It seemed much harder than getting my EDIT lenses in and as i'm new to contacts i kept getting confused and convincing myself the lenses were inside out. Anyway i eventually got them in and after a few minutes of putting up with slightly blurred vision and feeling like i had stones in my eyes they sorted themselves out and became ok to wear. I've found with my EDIT lenses they have become easier and easier to put in everytime so hopefully this is the case with these lenses as i'm considering wearing them on saturday.

 So On the up side these contacts give amazing dramatic colour change and i suppose this is better than the colour being too subtle.

On the downsize they aren't the most natural colour from close up especially.
All in all though i will give them a 7/10.

for the rest of today i'm off to work and then meeting my cousin who is having a bit of a hair nightmare and has also agreed to let me do a couple of makeup looks on her.

Enjoy your day whatever you do!

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