13 December 2011

house wife for a week

So I have a full mon to friday with no work! Unheard of. All the time i had off work this year was all wedding related so it's so nice to have some time off to get our flat looking nice for christmas! Me and my hubby are both such messy people so there really is a lot to do...I have a double sided A5 list! I spent about 6 straight hours cleaning yesterday the majority of that went on sorting out our dvd collection which is massive, about 400 dvds. Here's a photo of the ones I had to sort out on the bed. 
It doesn't even look like that much but believe me it was, none of them were in the right boxes!

Then I finally found a lovely display area for our wedding candles which we lit during the ceremony and our ceremony table flowers which I've added my boquet to. I'm so glad we went down the artificial route. Not only because of my hayfever but we will always have these lovely flowers to keep now :)

Anyway I'll crack on with some makeup related posts later but I'm trying to have a makeup free day. My skin is soooo dry with the horrible weather at the moment so I'm just trying to moisturise lots today. It's my number one tip for young looking skin!I use No7 essential moisture day and night and on really rough areas I use Botanics organic face super balm. It really is super, just apply over night on dry patches, usually around my nose and forehead and it works miracles!

What skin care products get you through the harsh cold months?

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